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Small steps become giant leaps – View from Estates


Academy Transformation Trust (ATT) believes that pupils, teachers and our staff need stable, sustainable and supportive environments to learn, grow and succeed.

We also aim to operate as efficiently as possible so that we can focus the majority of our resources on providing each of our pupils with the first class education that they deserve.

Over the past several years, our estates team has begun to explore the sustainability of our buildings and we have recently implemented a range of innovative projects that harness the power of the environment.

A number of ATT academies have solar panels fitted to generate energy and lower their consumption and in turn our carbon footprint.

In addition, we work with a number of energy brokers to obtain best price and service from suppliers.

Our new boiler controls schemes have enabled current boilers in some of our academies to operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of heating. This has resulted in reduced costs and emissions in these academies.

At Iceni Academy in Norfolk, we are currently installing a new biomass boiler. The academy will switch from burning oil to using sustainable energy as biomass is fuelled by wood chips. The potential income for this initiative is around £26,000 per year and will greatly reduce emissions at the academy as well as their carbon footprint.

In Clacton-on-Sea, Essex we have installed a sustainable building at Ravens Academy to house their new nursery. The building is designed by Schoolhaus and is the most environmentally friendly and efficient model on the market. The block has solar panels and will reduce energy use and costs for the academy. We are so pleased with the efficiency of the building that we are looking to install similar buildings on some of our other sites to lower emissions and reduce energy consumption.

On the face of it, these rather cosmetic changes may not appear to make a difference to each academy or each child, but at ATT we firmly believe that a safe, functional and stimulating environment is a key element of pupils being able to learn. ATT is committed to providing this for our pupils and staff to help them to develop and become the very best that they can be.

Edward Thomas
Estates Director

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