Key Stage Two – Achievements 2017

In 2016 saw the introduction of a new Key Stage Two assessment method which included a new curriculum, new more demanding tests and a scaled score marking system replacing the ‘Levels’ measurements. This has meant that no comparison can be made to the previous assessment method.

In 2017 primary results have continues to improve in reading and maths. Teacher Assessment of writing was moderated across the trust by the DFE and remained broadly in line to 2016 result. Pupils on the whole made expected progress across Reading Writing and Maths. For those children achieving the expected standard in all three subjects (RWM Combined) this has improved for the 3rd year running from 39% to 54%.

In 2017 KS2 Progress improved in reading and maths. Attainment improved to:

Data is based on academies currently being ran by the trust.

Historic Results