What they say about our Trust…

  • “Academy Transformation Trust is fully aware of the school’s strengths and areas for development and has worked well with senior leaders to improve the school since it joined their multi-academy trust.” The Queen Elizabeth Academy, Good, May 2017
  • “School leaders have worked effectively with representatives of the Academy Transformation Trust to bring about improvements. These representatives know the school well and provide valuable support.” Kingsmoor Academy, Good, June 2016

 Ofsted inspection outcomes

AcademyCurrent Ofsted RatingInspection Date
Beck Row Primary AcademyRequires ImprovementFebruary 2020
Bristnall Hall AcademyGoodNovember 2016
Caldmore Primary AcademyGoodOctober 2019
Great Heath AcademyGoodApril 2018
Iceni AcademyRequires ImprovementMarch 2020
Jubilee Academy MossleyGoodMarch 2019
Kingsmoor AcademyGoodFebruary 2020
Mildenhall College AcademyGoodNovember 2018
North Walsall Primary AcademyGoodOctober 2018
Phoenix AcademyGoodSeptember 2019
Pool Hayes AcademyRequires ImprovementSeptember 2018
Ravens AcademyInadequateDecember 2019
Star Academy SandyfordRequires ImprovementFebruary 2019
Sun Academy BradwellGoodJuly 2018
Sutton Community AcademyInadequateMarch 2019
The Dukeries AcademyGoodOctober 2016
The Hathaway AcademyGoodDecember 2018
The Nicholas Hamond AcademyRequires ImprovementNovember 2017
The Queen Elizabeth AcademyGoodMay 2017
Westbourne AcademyGoodMarch 2019