Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is Assistant Principal at Great Heath Academy. Previously, he worked across a range of primary schools and has 8 year’s experience as a Headteacher. He has completed the NPQH and is currently studying for a MA in Educational Leadership. His educational interests include assessment and professional development. He has facilitated NPQML, NPQSL and is induction coordinator for two academies, working to support the next generation of teachers.

“I have had the privilege of working as an ATTI Fellow and NPQ facilitator across three different cohorts, starting with an NPQML cohort and moving on to two different NPQSL cohorts. Within each cohort, I have seen colleagues eager to improve their own leadership knowledge and skills, growing in confidence and ability, both as educators and as leaders. This has enabled me to reflect on my own leadership, gaining valuable insights from both the course materials and my time with delegates.”