The Trust Pupil Voice

The Trust Pupil Voice gives our pupils the opportunity to share their views with us and our academies.

Made up of two ambassadors from each of our academies, the Pupil Voice follow a self-developed Pupil Voice Charter, which forms their ethos and structure which themselves and future ambassadors will work by.

The ambassadors will represent their academies and allows our pupils to share their views with The Trust and will gives them the opportunity to work together with pupils from our family of academies, both regionally and nationally.

ATT’s Pupil Voice purpose is:

  • To represent pupils’ views from our academies
  • To reach out to, and work with, our academies, ATT and beyond
  • To make one small idea part of one big decision for everyone and improve all of the academies in The Trust
  • To see everyone as equal and be democratic
  • To form an established pupil voice in every school, under ATT

Pupil Voice 2017

49 ambassadors have been formally appointed to ATT’s Pupil Voice, becoming the link between The Trust and their academy. Our Pupil Ambassadors will undertake four missions, completing projects to influence decisions that will make a difference in their academies, The Trust and their local communities.

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