Emma Bowie

Hair and Beauty Tutor, ATTFE

When I joined ATTFE I was completely new to teaching. Having no experience of Teaching was daunting, especially as am a mum of 6 with a salon to run alongside college!  

However, the staff and students have made the experience rewarding every day. I cannot thank the team enough for the support they provide to both students and each other. My fellow tutors and Lou Davy, Head of Programme of Study, are an ongoing source of support for me.  

The pressures of just being a mum and running a salon can be hard, so when I started at ATTFE it was a little overwhelming. But, with support and guidance, I have set a routine before, during and after college and I have adapted well to managing all the responsibilities. Again, a lot of this is due to the team I have around me. One particular role model who inspires me is my colleague, Laura. Without her I’d have a whole other workload to contend with. She is a huge support in and out of college and the encouragement she gives is valuable and irreplaceable!