Challenge, Support and Intervention (CSI) Education

We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to be exceptional in the quality of education we offer for all of our children and young people, as well in the working environment and development we offer our colleagues.


Through robust challenge we swiftly identify and address areas of under-performance, complacency or low expectations. In equal measure, we deliver support through the capacity and expertise available throughout our Education Directorate and our wider People Development Strategy. Finally, a bespoke intervention programme is provided where it is needed in response to the individual needs of any academy.


Our Aims: 

  •  to ensure effective, routine and regular partnership and collaboration across all of our academies
  • to maximise opportunities for collaboration through our regional and cluster-based structures
  • to enable specific expertise and specialisms across our Education Directorate to be championed and shared, whilst ensuring alignment with Operations and Finance, through Education Group Portfolio Leadership (EGPL)responsibilities
  • to evaluate the impact of all Education CSI work and maintain a commitment to continuous improvement
  • to remain outward facing with a focus on the continuous evolution of our Education CSI work, rooted in research and evidence-based approaches


Essential changes are made to ensure all legal requirements are fullfilled and the academy can run effectively.


Changes to the structures and systems of the academy help them to run smoothly, providing a high standard of education.


ATT supports academy improvement through upgrades, training and development to maximise output.


Academies maximise the effects of these changes by mainting upgraded systems and processes, with regular review.