Academic Performance

Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, no assessment data has been published in schools across the UK for 2020, 2021 or 2022. The most recent data currently available is from 2019, but we expect to be able to provide more up-to-date performance data soon. Check back in October to see our latest results.

Our academies are working ceaselessly to further develop the curriculum offer for all our students and give them the very best opportunities to move to their next stage of education, training or employment.

We are proud to educate significantly more disadvantaged pupils in our academies than is the case in schools across England as a whole and yet our secondary pupils achieved results in 2019 (the most recent examinations sat nationally) which were at least in line with students nationally, demonstrating the commitment of colleagues and pupils across our academies to be the very best they can be.

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There have been no external assessments in Primary since 2019. Our focus is on ensuring pupils build on the extensive support made available during the Covid-19 pandemic to achieve the very best possible outcomes through the high quality curriculum, and excellent teaching and leadership across our Primary Academies.

Our focus in secondary is on ensuring that we fully support our Year 11 and Year 13 2021-22 cohort whilst re-engaging and providing the very best education for all pupils across our academies.

Secondary AcademyLink to Results
Bristnall Hall AcademyClick here
Iceni AcademyClick here
Mildenhall College AcademyClick here
Pool Hayes AcademyClick here
Sutton Community AcademyClick here
The Dukeries AcademyClick here
The Hathaway AcademyClick here
The Nicholas Hamond AcademyClick here
The Queen Elizabeth AcademyClick here
Westbourne AcademyClick here
Primary AcademyLink to Results
Beck Row AcademyClick here
Caldmore AcademyClick here
Great Heath AcademyClick here
Iceni AcademyClick here
Jubilee AcademyClick here
Kingsmoor AcademyClick here
North Walsall Primary AcademyClick here
Ravens AcademyClick here
Star AcademyClick here
Sun AcademyClick here
Primary Special AcademyLink to Results
Phoenix AcademyClick here
Further Education CollegeLink to Results
ATTFEClick here

Ofsted Performance

Ofsted reports are not the only measure of our success, but they provide a good indicator that we’re on the right track. Our Trust’s mission is to To transform life chances by achieving the highest possible standards; sharing Ofsted reports helps us to verify and communicate our improvements to our local communities.

We’re currently celebrating our tenth consecutive positive inspection outcome! This is an incredible achievement for colleagues across the academies involved, and our Trust is incredibly proud to see their hard work being recognised by inspectors.

AcademyCurrent Ofsted RatingInspection Date
Beck Row Primary AcademyGoodDecember 2023
Bristnall Hall AcademyOutstandingJune 2023
Caldmore Primary AcademyGoodOctober 2019
Great Heath AcademyGoodApril 2018
Iceni AcademyRequires ImprovementMarch 2020
Jubilee Academy MossleyGoodMarch 2019
Kingsmoor AcademyGoodFebruary 2020
Mildenhall College AcademyGoodNovember 2018
North Walsall Primary AcademyGoodOctober 2018
Phoenix AcademyGoodNovember 2022
Pool Hayes AcademyGoodApril 2022
Ravens AcademyInadequateOctober 2019
Star Academy SandyfordGoodNovember 2022
Sun Academy BradwellGoodJuly 2018
Sutton Community AcademyGoodApril 2022
The Dukeries AcademyGoodOctober 2021
The Hathaway AcademyGoodDecember 2018
The Nicholas Hamond AcademyGoodJanuary 2022
The Queen Elizabeth AcademyGoodJune 2022
Westbourne AcademyGoodMarch 2019
ATT Further Education CollegeGoodJune 2023

Recent Successes

ATT Further Education College

Inspected June 2023  |  Good

A quote from Ofsted reading "Learners enjoy their experience with ATTFE. Most face disadvantages or barriers to learning and are very well supported".

Phoenix Academy

Inspected November 2022  |  Good

Star Academy Sandyford

Inspected September 2022  |  Good (Previously RI)

The Queen Elizabeth Academy

Inspected June 2022  |  Good