Jane Seaney

Career Admin, Mildenhall College Academy

My name is Jane. I am a wife and mother to three children, aged 28, 11 and 8, and my husband is a Merchant Navy Officer, working away for three months at a time. My career with ATT began when Methwold High School (now Iceni Academy Methwold) became a part of the Trust back in 2013 and I was working as part of the student support and safeguarding team.  

My career journey to this point had been varied. My initial dream was to work with horses but a spinal injury at sixteen led to a change of career path into the business sector. In 1997, I started training in the counselling field, although needed to put this on hold when my daughter was born. Finally, in 2008, I was able to change my career from business to work in schools supporting children in a pastoral role.   

Since starting with ATT, I have worked in numerous roles across the Trust. After my son was born, I moved to Iceni Academy Hockwold to support primary students. In 2015, my youngest daughter was born and I took a career break to raise my children. In 2018, I returned to education at Beck Row Primary Academy, initially to cover maternity leave, and later in the position of behaviour support and ADSL. Finally, in September 2019, I became a Student Support Officer at Mildenhall College Academy (MCA). 

I hadn’t forgotten my dream of counselling and, with the support of Miss Hood and the team at MCA, I was able to reduce my role to three days a week and complete an Access Counselling course. My job has recently changed to Careers Administrator, which has enabled me to begin my degree in Integrative Counselling.  

I would not have been able to finally restart my dream of becoming a counsellor without the help, encouragement and support of the team at MCA, and I am extremely grateful.