Louise Davy

Head of 16-19, ATT Further Education College

I began my career journey as an apprentice hairdresser and beauty therapist, passionately honing my skills in the vibrant world of hair and beauty. Inspired by remarkable women leaders in the industry, I learned the artistry of transformation. Since being a child I have always loved “doing hair and makeup” The impact that appearance can have on one’s confidence and well-being, is just amazing. I chose a career in contributing to making people feel and look good. In my early twenties, the College Director, an inspirational woman whose salon I worked in, encouraged me to train as a teacher and assessor. I used my experiences to guide and coach learners while still working in a salon.  


A commitment to excellence led me to the role of Curriculum Lead and Lead IQA, ensuring the highest standards in training were maintained. As a Curriculum Lead Practitioner, I crafted engaging programmes, echoing the wisdom of women who trained me. The ability to adapt, a skill from the salon, helped me navigate diverse learning styles in the classroom. In the salon, a positive attitude was contagious, creating a space where clients felt valued. I mirrored this approach in education, fostering an environment where learners felt encouraged to express themselves and ask questions. Kindness, a key element in customer service, became a cornerstone for motivating and empowering learners and colleague’s. I am currently a working mum to a football mad son and that adds an extra layer to my experience. Often travelling over 120 miles a week to training and matches. Balancing professional responsibilities with the demands of motherhood requires effective time management and a supportive work culture. 


ATTFE’s commitment to work-life balance and family-friendly approaches have supported me to become the Head of 16 – 19 learners. My leadership journey at ATTFE has been profoundly influenced by the guidance of remarkable women within the Trust. Icons of leadership like Liz Barrett, Sue Green, and Tracie Binks have provided invaluable mentorship, shaping my approach with their wisdom in leadership, resilience, and empathy. I express my deepest gratitude for their unwavering support and diverse insights, which have been instrumental in my growth. Each day, I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside women from various backgrounds, enriching my workdays with their unique perspectives and experiences.