Our Trust-Wide Development Days provide an important opportunity to bring together colleagues across our Trust to learn, develop and share best practice together.

What is a Trust-Wide Development Day?

Our biannual Trust-Wide Development Days bring digital collaboration to the forefront of CPD. Across our Trust, our colleagues hold a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. Meeting online allows them to share this expertise with other colleagues across our academies, providing a space for knowledge sharing, discussion, feedback, and of course, training.

What Happens on a Trust-Wide Development Day?



A keynote speech, delivered by our CEO Sir Nick Weller and Education DCEO Derek Trimmer, is an opportunity to bring our Trust together as a family of academies by discussing our shared values and achievements.


The ATT Way

We discuss the shared culture and best practice across our academies, supported by Education Directors Natalie Deen and Garry Trott.


Context-Specific Sessions

We provide an opportunity for colleagues to split up into multiple sessions that are tied to the theme of the PD day, but targeted to specialised groups of staff. Teachers, leaders and support staff will all recieve the same information in a different way that is targeted to the context of their role.


Academy-Directed Training

Each PD day offers the chance for Principals to direct proessional learning within their academies, allowing them to adress localised training needs.