This series of sessions aims to develop knowledge and understanding of adaptive teaching and introduce teachers to a range of possible techniques to apply in the classroom.

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Session 1

This session will be delivered by Sally Franklin, SEND consultant, and will explore the research and evidence behind effective TA deployment and practice.

Session 2

This session will be delivered by Annie Clements, CEO of Autism & ADHD , and will explore a range of practical adaptations to create a neurodivergent friendly classroom setting.

Session 3

This session will be delivered by Judith Carter, Educational Psychologist and Director of Willow Tree Learning, and will introduce the 4 functions of learning support as a framework to help capture the essential contribution TAs make to overcoming or if possible, removing barriers to learning, for those with SEND.

Session 4

This session will be delivered by Christine Franklin, our Director of Safeguarding and Inclusion, with Becky Fuller, Deputy Director of SEND, and will reflect on how we can operate more neurodiverse inclusive learning environments from our Teacher Tweak Toolkit.

Session 5

This session will be delivered by Bev Brazier, Assistant Principal at Pool Hayes Academy, and will explore Hinge Questions as a low-prep formative assessment tool that can very quickly enable misconceptions to be identified and addressed.

Session 1What Do We Know About Effective TA Deployment?3 October 2023
Session 2Creating a Neurodivergent-Friendly Classroom14 November 2023
Session 3The 4 Functions of Learning Support – A Framework for Purposeful Deployment of TA Time23 January 2024
Session 4Neurodiverse Inclusive Learning Environments: the ATT Way16 April 2024
Session 5Hinge Questions as an Adaptive Teaching Strategy24 June 2024