Bristnall Hall Academy is proud to announce that it has been accredited with the ‘360 Degree Online Safety Award.’

In September 2017, Bristnall Hall Academy, part of the Academy Transformation Trust, became one of only a few Sandwell secondary schools to be presented with this prestigious award. Mrs Susan Courtney Donovan, the 360 Degree Online Safety Award assessor, stated “The communication across the academy is very strong, all understand what the aims for online safety are and work together within their positive, nurturing ethos.”  Mrs Courtney Donovan also reported that “There is a strong, positive working relationship across the team that lead on Online Safety, visible through mutual respect of individual skills and experience.”  Mrs Courtney Donovan also commented that students have found recent online safety sessions delivered at the academy to be “inspirational and motivational”.  The fact that students feel safe whilst inside and outside of the academy, due to the academy’s online safeguarding procedures emerged as a real strength. .

Bristnall Hall Academy has strived to embed important aspects of online safety across the curriculum. From the very beginning of the accreditation process, all stakeholders recognised the need to ensure that online safety is a priority within the academy. As a result, steps have been taken to ensure that students are always safe and that they know, should they have an online safeguarding issue, they can find staff who are available to listen and provide support and advice. One of the aspects of online safety is putting personal information on the web for different needs. The students got informed how to protect themselves from identity fraud by using video identification service. In addition to this, the academy has helped to educate parents on the issues around online safety and how to keep their children protected.

Principal Vince Green added, “Bristnall Hall Academy and its staff will continue to develop further ways to strengthen online safety in the digital world in which we live.  We will continue to involve and support parents and carers to ensure that online safety remains a focus.  We are proud of the outstanding and sustainable programme for online safety that is already in place. The impact this has on the well-being and overall safety of the students is clear.”

“Well done and thank you to our parents, carers and staff for their hard work in achieving this well-deserved recognition.”