Cat Rushton

Director of Institute

On a personal level I have had great honour of working with incredibly motivated, inspirational and intelligent women over the course of my nearly 20 year career. Their mentorship in my early career, support as I transitioned into leadership, and friendship throughout, has been a constant source of strength, even when things have been hard.

Recent studies indicate that teams thrive when the representation of women increases, credited to enhanced social cohesion. It seems women naturally work well in teams. This is something I have experienced throughout my whole career, women lifting each other up, having each other’s backs and working tirelessly for the greater good. Its both inspirational and humbling, especially as they often downplay their contributions, which makes their impact even more remarkable.

In light of this, and with International Women’s Day approaching in March, we wanted to create a space to honour these team players – the women in our organisation who simply do a great job every day. I can’t wait to hear the stories and get to know my female colleagues a little better.