Creating Connections with Our Library & LRC Community

By Abi Joachim

Trust HLTA & Suffolk TA Network Coordinator

As part of our development of CPD opportunities for support staff across ATT, I recently launched two new communities, one for pastoral colleagues and the other for those leading our academy library provisions.


These launch sessions gave staff the chance to network with colleagues in similar roles across the Trust, often for the first time. The excitement, enthusiasm and engagement in both sessions clearly reflected the commitment our staff have to continually develop, improve and share practice.


Charlotte, librarian at Bristnall Hall Academy, expressed her eager anticipation for the library community launch:

“I’m really looking forward to the launch next week and getting to know everyone.”

And later reflected:

“It was absolutely spot on, so informative to hear what all the other school librarians were saying, I could relate to almost everything.”


I am looking forward to seeing how these new communities develop and work together to transform lives for pupils across ATT.

ATT Communities

ATT Communities are groups of colleagues with shared priorities and areas of responsibility, who work collaboratively to share knowledge, build solutions and enact strategies to improve our academies and provide the highest quality education for our students.

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