This is a copy of our informational bulletin for ITT applicants.

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Welcome to our second ATTI teacher training bulletin!

We’re hard at work in the background preparing for the start of your programme in September, and we’re looking forward to updating you on your school placement in the coming weeks.

Katie Pattinson

Deputy Director of Institute

Completing Your SKE


Secondary Applicants

The steps to complete your SKE can be found on the Ambition Guidance Hub under the Subject Knowledge Enhancement tab. Make sure you’re aware of these details for Secondary SKE Application and remember to upload your certificate on completion of the course.


Primary Applicants

Follow this link to find SKE resources, free for all Primary applicants to brush up on.  This includes an introductory document, English & Maths folders with videos & workbooks.

You do not need to upload anything to your portal on completion.

Understanding ITT Finance

Funding options for your ITT programme can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry- we’ve put together a simple guide to help you navigate the process.
There are multiple ways you can choose to get funding for your teacher training. For Primary trainees, this is most likely Student Finance. For secondary trainees, this will usually be either Student Finance, a Bursary, or a Scholarship. Choosing which option is best for you will depend on which subject you’re training to teach, which is explained in more detail below.
Student Finance
Student finance payments cover your tuition fees of £9250, which are paid directly to your provider. Depending on your financial circumstances, this option may also allow you to apply for a maintenance loan of between £4000 and £13000. Other funding, such as childcare grants, might also be applicable.
If you choose to fund your ITT programme through student finance, you need to make the application yourself– we cannot complete this for you. You can apply any time from now until 9 months after your course starts. We are aware that you will need a course code to complete your application; we will contact you with these details as soon as they are released by Ambition.
Bursaries are an alternate route to student finance, only available to secondary trainees. The money you receive from your bursary is tax-free, and unlike a student loan, it doesn’t need to be paid pack. However, your bursary amount varies depending on the subject you are training to teach, so you will need to carefully weigh up which option is best for you. Remember that you will need to use this money to fund the course cost, and consider how much you will have left over.
If you choose to fund your ITT programme through a bursary, you do not need to apply; any bursary you are eligible for will be automatically allocated to you
Scholarships are awarded, by charities and other organisations, to outstanding candidates who pass a robust interview and application process. Scholarships woth up to £30000 are open to trainees in computing, chemistry, physics, mathematics, French, German and Spanish. You cannot receive a bursary if you are awarded a scholarship.
Only secondary applicants are eligible for scholarships. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, you’ll need to do so via the organsition offering the award.

Let’s Celebrate!

We’re so excited to have you on our ITT programme! If you love to share your milestones on social media (just like us!), use this gif and the hashtag #ATTITeacherTraining to make sure we can see it and celebrate with you!