Lisa Hamilton

Lead Practitioner in English, Bristnall Hall Academy

Throughout my career journey from secondary school to English teacher, I count myself lucky to have had the privilege of knowing strong, inspirational and compassionate women. From my favourite English teacher at school to leaders I have met at academy and trust level, I have been surrounded by women who make a difference! 

Teaching is a team sport. In our staff rooms and meetings, we collaborate with colleagues- men and women alike- sharing strategies and solutions. But as women, we bring a unique blend of empathy and understanding. We listen, we lift and we learn from one another. Above all, as a full-time working mother to three children, I feel great pride in being able to show them what it looks like to love what you do and be proud of it no matter how hard it is.  

The juggling act of motherhood and teaching is a tough one but I hope I’ve been able to show my children that they don’t have to choose between one or the other- family or ambition. Without a doubt, I have questioned myself (and my non-teacher friends have too) during those long dark nights of mock marking, lesson planning and meetings. Add to this, worries about your own children and it’s easy to understand why people question what we do.  

However, I know that as teachers and parents, we show our children that setbacks are stepping stones, and resilience is our secret weapon. I’ve often heard the phrase ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’ when it comes to ambition, drive and our dreams. Well, I see you. I have seen you. And it’s thanks to you that I’m where I am today.