Lisa Macey

Vice Principal, Pool Hayes Academy

I was inspired by my primary school teacher Miss Turley to become a music teacher. She used to offer keyboard and recorder lessons before school making learning fun. In September 2003, I started my NQT year as a music teacher. When I was interviewed by an all male panel, I remember being asked where I saw myself in a year’s time and I pointed at the head of department and said in his chair. Quite a brave move!  

He never let me forget that moment as within the time period I did in fact become head of the department with him working alongside me as faculty director. I loved my job and became engrossed in extra curricular, directing school shows and writing material for Christmas shows etc. We were a formidable team and the performing arts department thrived. I was so proud of our achievements, our school shows were highly successful and we encouraged hundreds of students to take part in them building a shared love of performing together, inspiring teachers of the future who I am so proud of.  

During this successful period in my career I became a mum of a girl at the age of 29. This led me to reflect on my leadership as I began to think about what I would want for my daughter and how I would have high expectations for those who taught her. I use a phrase “if it’s not good enough for my children, it’s not good enough for them”. 

In 2012, I gave birth to my second daughter. When I returned to work I wanted to progress further in my career and moved from faculty director to head of sixth form and to associate headteacher. With the support of my husband and our family, I have been encouraged to continue my professional development by moving schools, becoming an assistant principal and more recently a vice principal. I have continued my own learning by completing the NPQH. I aspire to move into headship and be an inspiration to those I work alongside and teach.  

I love my job and I love my family and I have proved that you can have both and make it work. You do have to have a good team around you, supporting and encouraging you and I have been extremely lucky to have worked in some very supportive teams in my career. I will always be that cheer leader to other women encouraging them to follow their dreams and be successful. Raising two young women of the future inspires me to show them what is possible. The best moment that I recently experienced was when my youngest daughter told me that she was asked who her inspiration in life was and she chose me. She said that I showed her what hard work and determination could lead to as well as being a lovely mum and they were the reasons she chose me. With tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face, it was that moment when I realised I was doing a good job! What more encouragement could anyone wish to be given?