Louise Preece

Exam Officer, Safeguarding and SEND Admin, Iceni Academy Methwold

I wasn’t sure if I fitted into the ‘celebrating women’ category, but since April 2023 I have overcome two miscarriages. The support from work has been amazing – my colleagues have been patient with me, offered plenty of hugs, cups of tea and most importantly time. This is not only from the ladies I work closely with in the office (who I must say have been my absolute rocks) but also members of SLT, who check in with me, making sure that I am not afraid to ask for help. 

Each miscarriage presented differently for me and at no point did I feel pressurised to come back quickly to work. Returning was my choice and it has been made comfortable for me to talk about what has happened. I have not been met with any kind of ‘walking on egg shells’, which has also helped with my next steps forward.  


I am taking part in the London Landmarks Half marathon this year and have had incredible support from my colleagues, with words of encouragement as well as donations. We have to remember that we often see the people we work with more than our family, so to have that support, back up and encouragement with whatever life gives us is something special to celebrate.