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Nigel Caunt

Vice Principal, The Dukeries Academy


Being part of the coaching program has helped me develop in a multitude of ways, at an exponential rate compared with traditional teaching or courses. Having someone to bounce ideas off in an open and honest forum not only allows additional experience to support decisions, but also helps you to recognise that you’re not alone in anything you do.


“Coaching helps you to recognise that you’re not alone in anything you do”



The support around some of the tough decisions you make adds confidence to decision making with another professional who sits outside of the normal day-day and helps to build on this and improve practice. Unlike other courses, which offer insight and learning, coaching also provides an element of support in the day-day that courses are unable to offer, whilst also bringing in the learned experience of both practitioners. The personal interaction not only helps to support you as a leader, but in doing so helps serve the young people we are here for, having applied a range and wealth of experience to often complex situations.


I cannot recommend coaching enough as a means of both support and development, and hope to one day offer coaching as a coach myself thanks to the experiences I have had from this.