Clare Plant, ATT Director of People Strategy

Clare Plant joined the Trust in May 2022 as Director of People Strategy and leads our Trust’s HR Directorate.

Clare’s career has been dedicated predominantly to roles within public service having begun her career within “education personnel” as a trainee she then developed her HR practice across roles in Social Care & Education as well as more recently part of the Health Security Agency.  Clare has 13 years experience of working in the education sector and in particular with Multi Academy Trusts.

Clare has also nurtured a family during this time and has three children- one of Primary and two of Secondary age- which helps to give that parental perspective.  She is passionate about bringing a sense of belonging to all who work across ATT though dynamic activities that centre around our Academies needs, as well as Equality and strong Stakeholder communication.  Mostly Clare loves to work with her colleagues across the Trust in varied roles helping her continually reflect and improve.