Viv John

Regional Hr Business Partner & Support Colleague Professional Learning Lead

After almost 20 years in Leadership within the corporate world I felt I wanted a new career, I wanted a role that meant I could fit my work around my children, and I was lucky enough to join Great Heath & Beck Row as their HRA. I then progressed to HR Officer in the east and then to a HR Business Partner and recently adding working for the Institute as their Support Colleague Professional Learning Lead & joint lead for the DEI Allies Community. 

I have now been with ATT for 6 years, and I can honestly say how valued and supported I feel. We all come to work to do a good job but we always have something in the background driving us, and for me it’s my family. 

Over the last 6 years, I have experienced a lot of life experiences, such as being a flexible worker with children at school, being a primary carer for my mum, who we lost during covid, and then a carer for my dad, who we lost during 2023. I also have a young person who has a diagnosis of ASD and have well and truly started my perimenopause journey! I don’t really talk about my life experiences from the past six years, (apart from Menopause as I’m a true advocate of supporting women in the workplace) however, having flexible and supportive Leaders and colleagues has allowed me to ‘walk my journey’ my way, knowing that I have the support and care that I need when I need it. 


I guess I’m sharing this today to say, no matter what our journey, as we all are travelling one, our colleagues are there to support us and help us navigate it. I am extremely passionate about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and personal development and we are working hard on our Inclusive Culture to Transforming Lives for everyone. I for one feel extremely lucky I ‘fell’ into Education, but not just any Trust, our Trust.